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Why Crucis?

I grew up in the Southern hemisphere, and developed a passion for astronomy and space sciences at a very early age.

  • One of the most prominent constellations in the sky south of the equator is the Southern Cross, also called Crux or by its Latin derivative, Crucis.
  • The constellation is easily identified because of its simple shape.
  • Like the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) for northern hemisphere observers, you can use Crux for navigation.
    As the earth rotates, Crux seems to move around the South celestial pole, pointing the direction South.

Therefore Crucis is my link to my past, my passion, a metaphor for simplicity, and a reminder of how I navigate my customers through the sometimes vast, confusing and complex world of software!

The Southern Cross - Crux constellation


I'm not the only one recognising the beauty of the Southern Cross! Several Southern hemisphere national flags use the Southern Cross as part of their design.

Australia Brazil Papua New Guinea

These are just a few (flag images from Wikipedia). You can see more flags in the Wikipedia article.