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Bespoke solutions for your business

We always start with a comprehensive review of your existing systems.

We believe it is nearly always more effective to build upon what you already have and make small but continuous improvements.

Looking for web applications?

Find out how we'll tackle your business issues.

New business, new brand?

What does your software say about you, and where you're going?

We'll help you

  • Adopt technologies that empower your users and streamline your business
  • Offer exciting new features
  • Create a great impression with your customers

Bugs eating into your bottom line?

Bugs can be the source of

  • Data corruption
  • Errors and delays
  • Inefficient manual workarounds

Creaking code?

Is slow software impacting your customer service?

Your application may suffer from

  • Inefficient database queries
  • Excessive data transfers
  • Slow legacy code or out-of-date software components
C# ▪ ASP.NET ▪ Web API ▪ Windows Services ▪ Desktop Apps

Our solutions are built on the Microsoft "stack", using Windows, .NET, SQL Server and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

We also use industry-standard patterns and practices so our solutions are easily understood and extendable by other Microsoft software and IT professionals.

Your data, your rules!

Ensure information going into your systems meets your quality standards

  • Validate data on entry
  • De-duplicate records
  • Cross-check new information with existing data
  • Run business rules to ensure changes don't invalidate other data

Take control of your data processing

Frequently need to process large volumes or batches of data?

  • Optimise long-running jobs
  • Automate data flows
  • Orchestrate data exchange with partners and providers
SQL Server ▪ SSIS ▪ SQL Azure ▪ Azure Storage

Our data storage solutions are primarily built around Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL databases.

With our expertise we'll design a new database or extend an existing one to satisfy a new data or application need.

Pull your business together!

Integrate your systems with partners and popular software providers

  • CRM and ERP systems
  • Payment gateways
  • Bookkeeping software

Fed up with the boring stuff?

Automate routine, time-consuming tasks you and your staff hate doing

  • Focus on adding value
  • Avoid errors and rework
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
Contact us to learn more about how we solve your business bottlenecks

Daishik is an excellent Software Developer .... Within two weeks he had developed a working proof of concept. At each stage of the development process he has consistently delivered [...], bugs have been swiftly fixed and a new code release deployed.

How we help

Examples of what we do:

  • Tasks that take your focus away from your customers
  • Repetitive, error-prone, time consuming tasks
  • Manual import or export
  • Large volume data processing
  • Data quality problems
  • Frustrating bugs and issues
  • System and data integration

Just a product?

Our solution is never just about delivering a product, we want to give you an assembly line!

We want our software to become a vital part of the system that enables you to deliver great results for your customers.