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Manage and maintain your data so it works for you

All businesses start small. Your data may not be in the optimal locations and formats for growth. You may not yet have a database. If you do, you may have outgrown it and your database is now slowing you down and frustrating your customers.

SQL Server ▪ SQL Azure ▪ T-SQL ▪ Oracle 11g/12c ▪ PL/SQL

We're specialists in database design, development and tuning. Whether it is a database migration from a legacy system, a new design, a redesign or an ETL project, you will see results

Azure data migration

Your data is scattered all over the place in multiple systems. Access databases, MySQL databases, Excel spreadsheets. Wouldn't it be simpler if all that data were in one place?

Let us help you to consolidate your data so it is easier to manage, query and consume.

We will help you to get a full picture of all your business data and migrate it to Microsoft Azure safely and securely.

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Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

You already have a database - or even a few databases. However, your business has outgrown the system you started off with and you now need to move it to a different system. Or perhaps you just need to restructure the data to make it easier to interrogate?

We have extensive experience with ETL projects and we'll give you a firm grip on your data.

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Database design

You're just starting an exciting new application and want to ensure that your foundation - your database - is structured so that it won't become a straitjacket that will constrain your ambitions.

We will work with you to understand your business and vision, so your database can serve your needs into the future.

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Data migration clients

We helped Eversheds and Next to migrate, transform and optimise their data. This enabled them to use their data in innovative ways to serve their customers even better.