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I build web, data and cloud solutions for small businesses with big ambitions

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Web: Innovation online

Offer more online, or streamline your business with a web-based back-office application.

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If you're looking to expand your online offerings or add an internal business application, I can help.

My web application solutions are designed to be portable and easily adopted by other Microsoft-based software providers.

You'll never be tied down to a proprietary solution or developer when working with me.  That's a promise.

Looking for non-web solutions? Try our software solutions page.

I'm all about web apps

APIs & integration

Seamlessly integrate data from both internal and external systems, while improving your business efficiency through automation.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Ensure the quality of data entering your systems, simplify data management, and enhance data access.

Privacy & security

With industry-standard, secure application designs, your users and their data will be fully protected.

Revamp your apps

Engage with your customers and modernize your applications without breaking the bank.

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