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I build web, data and cloud solutions for small businesses with big ambitions

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Getting to the 'crux' of IT

Extensive experience in the IT sector, with a focus on web application development spanning two decades and counting

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See what I did there?  "the 'crux' of IT"?  Crucis? IT?

Ahem! So, apart from the odd pun, understanding your needs is my top priority. No matter the size or sector of your business, I'm committed to providing innovative and valuable solutions.

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So, what's in it for you?

  • Highly usable and intuitive user interfaces for your web applications, that'll help boost productivity and reduce errors and cost
  • Confidence that your data are being properly captured, validated and stored, and your business logic and data processing function optimally 
  • Rest assured that your project team stays focussed on delivery, with my experience in software project delivery, team structure, coordination and development methodologies 
  • Here to help you identify and analyse bottlenecks or potential improvements to your business software

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