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PhotoGrader is a Windows 10 Universal app that reminds you of all the great memories you have kept on your storage, but hadn't organised in a way that makes the best of them easy to view and share.

You now have a way to review all your pictures, and grade them by folder - you get to say where and what the folder is called - and PhotoGrader will move them at the click of a button. And you can also move the pictures you don't like (remember all those blurry pictures you though you deleted, but forgot about?) into 'Delete Bin' folder where you can finally delete them (if you wish!).


  • Review and grade your pictures by quality
  • Delete pictures that are cluttering up your storage
  • Remove duplicate pictures eating up your storage
  • Maintain a "best quality" folder to show friends and family
  • Organise photos that you want to hold on to for memory
  • Rediscover pictures from the dim and distant past, that you forgot all about

Use the link below to get the PhotoGrader app!